Timber Doors

Fire Doors

All doors in the QMI portfolio can be fire rated to meet 30 minutes to 120 minutes integrity. They are manufactured and tested to the highest American and British Standards, and certified by the most acknowledged third party certification agencies.

Institutional Doors

Manufactured from the toughest materials available, QMI institutional doors are fully cycle and firetested to American standards, and built to last. Most admired for heavy duty usage, they are ideal for schools, hospitals,airports and other institutional buildings

Commercial Doors

The best choice for residential projects where average tra_c is expected. While, our commercial series are solid, attractive, and economical, with customized designs and fast delivery.

Architectural Doors

Tthe sky is the limit with these custom made and bespoke wooden doors. Exceeding industry standards for durability, and carrying a lifetime guarantee against warping, these beautifully made doors are perfect for luxury hotels,office towers, healthcare and educational facilities and other government buildings.

French Doors

Add a dash of elegance to luxury suites, convention centers and private villas with QMI French doors.

Manufactured from pure solid wood for maximum durability and finished with a clear, textured or stained glass of your choice.

High Impact Doors

The toughest doors available in the market. Our high impact doors best suit detention centers, schools,and high security facilities.

Acoustic Doors

Specially constructed doors with sound deadening properties.

Techno Fiber Core Doors

Made of 100% recycled material and composed of cross linked wood fibers. These doors are guaranteed for life against warping, twisting and bulging. Fully tested to 1,000,000 cycles and fire rated up to 60 minutes,Formaldehyde free and LEED certified.

Acoustic Core

Made from multiple layers of composite material, particle board and inorganic boards, pressed together to achieve the highest acoustic rating in the market of up to 45dB.

Aesthetic Features

  • Glass cladding, antique, opaque or stained
  • Marble cladding
  • Copper, stainless steel, brass cladding and Inlays.
  • Custom stained finish
  • Opaque paint, high gloss or matt
  • Veneer finish
  • Melamine finish

Custom Paneling

  • Variety of certified hardware
  • Decorative moldings
  • Unlimited choices of stains & veneers modern or
  • classic finishing
  • Special wood veneer combinations
  • Wide selection of moldings and decorative items
  • Recessed or raised panels
  • Decorative grooves

LVL Core Doors

  • Engineered wood composed of laminated 4 mm
  • hardwood slabs
  • Extremely stable and impact resistant
  • Perfect for LEED projects
  • FSC certified
  • Urea formaldehyde free
  • Suitable for high traffic doors

Hollow Core Doors

  • Solid wood stile and rail with 100% recycled cardboard
  • honeycomb structure
  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio. Hollow door
  • construction:
  • 1 Stiles: 38mm X 75mm hardwood (d _ 640)
  • 2 Rails: 38mm X 100mm hardwood (d _ 640)
  • 3 Craft Honey comb (100% recycled)
  • 4 3mm veneer laminated HDF/MDF/plywood - Total leaf thickness 44 mm

Mineral Core Doors

  • Ideal insulating material, for temperature controlled areas
  • Nontoxic, noncombustible when exposed to fire, provides fire rating up to 120 minutes.