Product Description


CISA AERO is designed for all those who want a simple, flexible, tailor-made electronic lock system.

  • It is simple because it is a web service and you can programme the keys without having to worry about managing the data and the application: CISA does all that for you.
  • It is flexible because in just a couple of clicks you can tailor the whole system to your needs.

CISA AERO gives you the freedom to manage your system

  • To programme and read cards in total freedom and decide which doors to open
  • To control the events log and security information.


  • Choose from a number of different devices: cards, adhesive patches, key fobs. CISA provides contactless solutions for all your access needs.


  • Easy to install
  • Screw holes are covered
  • Re-adjustable (if door should drop)


  • Available in a satin stainless (SS)