Normbau: Premium touchable architecture


Founded in 1954, Normbau grew from a family-owned company into a worldwide manufacturer of quality architectural hardware. Normbau puts people and their needs at the centre of product development and creates products at the centre of form and function including hardware, design solutions, partitioning systems, handrails, balustrades and bathroom fittings.


Normbau Cavere ® range has been developed for the Disability Access bathroom. These high quality functional products are designed for use in environments both in and out of the home.  The whole Cavere ® range is manufactured from aluminium. It is both light and strong, and  being recyclable it is environmentally sustainable. Well designed interior fittings with clean lines make a good impression and are always visible.


All of Normbau's products are designed with function, materials, environment and accessibility for all in mind. Known for its style as much as it functionality, Normbau offers sleek options for any home.